vicarious redeemers of today

I grew up at a time :

when I was not treated as a trophy
When my privacy was respected
When I was not made to be a model child
When I had no peer pressure from my next door neighbor
When I could be just a child

Dedicated to those poor souls of today who are :

Anything but children
Their parents’ siren
Forced to live their parents’ dreams
Made to hide their screams
Portrayed as Model Humans (yet)
Deprived of their nuisances

To all those Old age kids (aka parents) please remember these immortal words of Kahlil Gibran

“Your children are not your children.
They are sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you.
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you”

If only Kahlil Gibran were alive today, he would have died a thousand deaths..

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