(un)known friend

You : Take people far awayAstound them with beautyTerrorize them sometimesMake them happy at timesPush them to deep wells of sorrow at timesBelittle them at timesElevate them at timesMake them all powerful at timesAlso kill them at timesTake them back agesTake them to future (that never comes)Make them meet their starsAlso make them meet their […]

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AM I or NOT?

If I thought about something politically incorrect, but don’t say it – is that politically correct/incorrect?If I type in a sexist comment, but then delete it without sending : Am I sexist or not?If I believe in superstition, but not in God : Am I religious or not?If I am a privacy absolutist, but share […]

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Undeserving glorification

Undeserving Glorification Billionaires giving sermons on frugalityLeaders praised for doing their jobsSpeaking about a non-existent pastRich gurus speaking about contentParents living for their childrenRich people living on subsistence wagesSports persons donating their jerseysCorporate taking a stand on convenient “social issues”Billionaires “giving” away their wealth These are not harmlessThey could make world go crazy in no […]

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principled life – myth or reality?

I was against corruptionUntil I had to get my driving licenseI was against big techUntil I needed a smartphoneI was against lyingUntil I needed an emergency leaveI was against online shoppingUntil I needed my favorite author’s bookI was against working in a harmful industryUntil I needed a job badlyI was against fossil fuelsUntil I needed […]

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Qui êtes vous?

Vous êtes L’enfant de quelqu’unLe frère ou la sœur de quelqu’unLe parent de quelqu’unLe partenaire de quelqu’unL’employé de quelqu’unL’élève de quelqu’unCertains adeptes de la religionCertains adeptes de la philosophieMembre d’une sociétéCitoyen d’un pays Pouvez-vous définir votre identité sans référence à quelqu’un ou à quelque chose? Vous ferez toujours partie d’un toutMais ne jamais faire partie […]

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Who are you?

You’re Someone’s child Someone’s sibling Someone’s parent Someone’s partner Someone’s employee Someone’s student Some religion’s follower Some philosophy’s adherent Some society’s member Some country’s citizen Can you define your identity without a reference to someone or something? You will always be part of a whole But never become part of a mass

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Are we becoming more Individualistic??

Are we becoming/being turned into single entity, i.e individual from being a community. This is not some rigorous research article or some philosophical pondering or some nostalgia for bygone era. This is some random stream of consciousness specific to this question of us becoming more individualistic. Public transports will soon become a thing of the […]

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Pleasure of walking

It takes few years to display this skill. Not all are fortunate enough to showcase it. Those who are fortunate, never realize the value of it. The first steps you take would be a sight to cherish to your parents. They brought you to this world, may be helped you learn it (though I believe […]

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Record Everything

Do we need to record everything? I have seen people going to famous tourist attractions holding a phone/camera in their hand the whole time they are the site. Are they seeing something through their camera that one cannot see with eyes? Carlin asked, I am paraphrasing “do these people really have time to watch their […]

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Oppressed Being

I am the most oppressed human No one asked my permission to bring me in No one consulted me while naming me Yet they complain about me all the time The concept of consent doesn’t apply to me People take my photo without requesting my permission People make me do things that I don’t agree […]

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