Démocratie – Balise ou une blague?

Oxymores/Jokes qui aident à vendre la démocratie Presse libre Élections libres Libre parole Liberté individuelle Droit de manifester Droit à la vie privée Liberté religieuse Droit de vote Mobilité sociale Liberté de choix Système judiciaire libre et équitable Et le plus grand de tous « Pour le peuple, par le peuple, et du peuple » […]

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Where do you stand ?

Caste based ReservationEconomic reservation Welfare politicsIncome Tax cuts Farm loan waiverCorporate loan waive off 100 Day job guaranteeHome Loan interest rate cuts Cabbies asking for little extraBargaining with small vendors People rushing to get home b4 lock down by BusPeople rushing to get home b4 lock down by Air Despising whites when treated as black […]

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New Definitions

New Year New Definition: Democracy = for the lunatics, by the crazies & of the imbecilesGovernment = NationElections = DemocracyOpposing views = Anti NationalBootlicking = PatrioticMedia = Black HolesDevelopment = Corporate growthProtests = Social EvilSecularism = Majoritarian appeasementMythology= HistoryHistory = Fiction

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Vos insécurités pourraient : vous garder sur vos en-têtesvous pousser dans l’abîmevous tenir éveillévous faire vous endormirvous garder enchaînévous rendre librevous garder au chaudvous faire froidenrichir votre existencemettre fin à votre existence

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Your insecurities could: keep you on your toespush you into abysskeep you awakemake you fall asleepkeep you chainedmake you freekeep you warmmake you coldenrich your existenceend your existence

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Stupid Citizens

Why governments love having stupid citizens/keeping citizens stupid? ✓ They can ride on their backs and make them vote against their own interests ✓ Easy to create an “other” and attribute all the flaws in the nation to the “other”✓ Easy to divert attention from pressing issues by making citizenry focus on non-issues✓ Can make […]

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