Pleasure of walking

It takes few years to display this skill. Not all are fortunate enough to showcase it. Those who are fortunate, never realize the value of it. The first steps you take would be a sight to cherish to your parents. They brought you to this world, may be helped you learn it (though I believe […]

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Record Everything

Do we need to record everything? I have seen people going to famous tourist attractions holding a phone/camera in their hand the whole time they are the site. Are they seeing something through their camera that one cannot see with eyes? Carlin asked, I am paraphrasing “do these people really have time to watch their […]

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Should you stay silent in time of crisis, orShould you speak out?Should you close your eyes to horrors in world orShould you shine a light on them?Should you act deaf to live within your bubble orShould you hear the cries of those who suffer?Should you obey an immoral order orShould you defy the order?Should you […]

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Oppressed Being

I am the most oppressed human No one asked my permission to bring me in No one consulted me while naming me Yet they complain about me all the time The concept of consent doesn’t apply to me People take my photo without requesting my permission People make me do things that I don’t agree […]

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« Sisyphe: Il a été puni pour avoir triché la mort deux fois en étant forcé de rouler un énorme rocher sur une colline seulement pour qu’il roule vers le bas chaque fois qu’il s’approchait du sommet, répétant cette action pour l’éternité » Si nous y pensons, sommes-nous différents de Sisyphe? Au moins, il n’avait […]

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“Sisyphus : He was punished for cheating death twice by being forced to roll an immense boulder up a hill only for it to roll down every time it neared the top, repeating this action for eternity” If we think about it, are we any different from Sisyphus? At least he had only one boulder […]

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What is to be living a hundred years or more? – This thought stuck me when I read news of an 111 years old person dying recently. I was wondering what she had seen in her life. 2 world wars, 2 pandemics, multiple economic disasters, global war on terror, dropping of atomic bomb, a near […]

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Comfort Being

I see you every day from my windows You’re quick with your tiny feet Your eyes exude curiosity Your heads swivel incessantly  You looking out for threats or looking out for friends? I would never know You’re not social enough, going by FB standards. You hang out with few folks of your own Are those […]

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Who is a stranger? An unknown person you see oftenA known person you don’t see often;A neighbor whom you deliberately ignoreA celebrity you incessantly adore;An abstract being whom you pray toA fellow citizen whom you detest;A younger you whom you don’t rememberAn older you whom you don’t know yet;Remember, we all are strangers to ourselves

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Quel est le point

Certaines personnes continuer à vivre leur vie sans se soucier de quoi que ce soit en dehors de leur bulleCertaines personnes consacrent leur vie à des causes qui n’ont rien à voir avec leur propre vieLe reste se situe entre ces 2 et se demandent quel est le point? Certaines personnes continuer à vivre leur […]

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