Eternal Chaos

I was wondering what if we were to live in a world, where

Art is expressed with no censors

Law applies equally to all

One can freely express all they think

Politicians actually serve people

No discrimination whatsoever exists

No wars waged under the guise of abstract concepts (democracy, religion, etc)

No talking about the non-existent “Golden age” of the yore

No place for dogmatic thinking

People are sane enough to not forward/believe fake news

People are empathetic enough to understand others’ perspective

People stand together for the greater good

People let others live in peace

But I soon realized such a world will be a bore. It would be more like a “ A Film by Vikraman” (sorry if you don’t get it). We cannot live in tranquility. Our life engine is driven by the constant fight which we have with one another. May be that’s how the Universe survives : by this eternal chaos.

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