Can you change?

What hurts your sentiments?A fellow being killed, orA commercial adWhat hurts your beliefs?A girl being brutalized, orA neighbor eating meatWhat hurts your sensitivities?A fellow human being discriminated, orA frigging movieYou obtained your sensitivitiesYou inherited your beliefsYou received your sentimentsYou have got nothing originalYou can still change, orYou can continue dying.

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NEP – 2

3. Curtailing Dropout Rates and Ensuring Universal Access to Education at All Levels 3.1 Talks about the dropouts from school. And mentions it’s of highest priority to bring back the students to school. For any rational person to address an issue, he/she should find out the reasons for the dropouts and try to address them. […]

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Never Free

You thought you were freeSadly you never wereYou thought you were safeSadly you never were You thought we’ve your backIntentionally we never hadYou thought we’ll get you justiceEmbarrassingly we never will You thought Men are humansObviously we never wereYou thought someone sees youWe all are so fucking blind!!!! (I imagine)You wished you weren’t born as […]

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We must get few things straight before we go into this discussion • A state is a territory with its own institutions and populations.• A sovereign state is a state with its own institutions and populations that has a permanent population, territory, and government. It must also have the right and capacity to make treaties […]

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Rule of Law – Just words????

Rule of law : “The authority and influence of law in society, especially when viewed as a constraint on individual and institutional behavior; (hence) the principle whereby all members of a society (including those in government) are considered equally subject to publicly disclosed legal codes and processes” Hildy : Hey Celine, how have you been? […]

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UBI – A Panacea or A Placebo??

UBI : Universal Basic Income. A policy proposal in which every citizen of a given country receives a certain amount, with no strings attached. The citizens can decide for themselves how to use this amount. This article is a primer on UBI. Hildy : Hey Celine, how have you been? Are you done with your […]

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The more you read, the less you know The more you travel, the less you understand The more you think, the less you belong The more you fear, the less you live The longer you observe, the stupider you grow The longer you hope, the greater you suffer The longer you belong, the rustier you […]

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Apathetic Assholes

Apathy – Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference Hildy : Hey Celine, long time no see. How have you been? Celine : Don’t overreact. It’s just 2 weeks since we last met. Hildy : Don’t you think two weeks is a long time? Celine : No, I […]

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Indian Elections 2019

Rarely have I gotten anxious due to political happenings in the country. But I did feel anxious about the possibility of BJP coming back to power with majority – which it did. I am not a Political Analyst in least bit. I am an ordinary citizen, with my prejudices & biases, observing the political happenings […]

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