Qui est un étranger?Une personne inconnue que vous voyez souventUne personne connue que vous ne voyez pas souvent;Un voisin que vous ignorez délibérémentUne célébrité que vous adorez sans cesse;Un être abstrait à qui tu priesUn concitoyen que vous détestez;Un jeune toi dont tu ne te souviens plusUn vous plus âgé que vous ne connaissez pas […]

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Who is a stranger? An unknown person you see oftenA known person you don’t see often;A neighbor whom you deliberately ignoreA celebrity you incessantly adore;An abstract being whom you pray toA fellow citizen whom you detest;A younger you whom you don’t rememberAn older you whom you don’t know yet;Remember, we all are strangers to ourselves

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Always Remember

Our : Truths might get shatteredReality might get twistedBeliefs might get debunkedWay of life might get ossifiedChoices might get derailed Knowledge might become rustedDespair might become permanentHope might become elusivePain might become permanentWonders might become banal Despite all, we continue livingDiscovering new truths everydayOnly to be falsified soonIsn’t our existence absurd?

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Ramblings – II

Few takes on movie dialogues, conversations & few stupid thoughts “He raped me, but at least he was there for me” – The person cried after saying this. People simply took it and moved on. But when they thought about it later, they realized how lonely and lost that person should have been that she […]

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IWD ’21

We name everything after youMother Earth, Mother tongue, Mother land etc,Is it done out of love?Is it done out of respect?I highly doubt it We name it so we could get away with our violence against you,We name it so we could shame you for your “immoral” behavior,We name it so we could confine youWe […]

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It’s 3 AM in the morning. There she was lying on her, suddenly awakened by feeling of anxiousness. She wondered why? Was it the horrendous meeting with her colleagues at office in the morning? Was it the constant bickering with her partner that evening? Was it something else? She couldn’t point out exactly what’s troubling […]

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La confiance

« La confiance, c’est la vie »Un dialogue dans un filmJe ne l’ai pas eu à l’époque.Mais je l’ai en quelque sorte maintenant Les familles courent sur la confianceLes nations courent sur la confianceLes démocraties fonctionnent sur la confianceLes sociétés fonctionnent sur la confianceVotre santé mentale repose sur la confiance Les totalitaires prospèrent sur le […]

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Trust – V2

“Trust is life”A dialogue in a filmI didn’t get it thenBut I sort of get it now Families run on TrustNations run on TrustDemocracies run on TrustSocieties run on TrustYour Sanity rests on Trust Totalitarians thrive on lack of trustFascists thrive on lack of trust“In God we trust” proclaims USBut God(s) thrive on your trust

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Quel est le point

Certaines personnes continuer à vivre leur vie sans se soucier de quoi que ce soit en dehors de leur bulleCertaines personnes consacrent leur vie à des causes qui n’ont rien à voir avec leur propre vieLe reste se situe entre ces 2 et se demandent quel est le point? Certaines personnes continuer à vivre leur […]

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What’s the Point??

Some people go on living their lives without caring about anything outside their bubbleSome people dedicate their lives to causes which have nothing to do with their own livesThe rest fall between these 2 and wonder what’s the point? Some people go on living their lives as plain stupidSome people spend their entire lives to […]

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