Gullible Geniuses

You’ve must realize you’ve become a gullible genius When you’re made to: Boast about things that you never will use But never question the sad state of affairs of the things you do use Boast about some abstract historical pride But simply accept your decreipt present Boast about your leaders’ global stature But you’re happy […]

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The Grand Fall

All you need is a rational mind But they don’t let you have it For they fear the reason The reason that could pulverize them You question their norms They slap you with a label A label that carries no real meaning Yet a label that you carry to your grave You disobey their rules […]

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Petit Ego

They say, “Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me” I love fooling myself, so I don’t mind you fooling me forever You take my intelligence for granted You with your grand standing and lies I know, deep down, that you’re swindling me Yet I believed in your promises Promises that […]

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Omnipresent me!

I am omnipresent Yet, I am invisible I am with you all the times I accompany you everywhere I make you feel at ease You feel superior due to me You tow the line thanks to me You never doubt yourself or Your ilk because of me I fill the void of your life I […]

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Yours obediently

Your right to suppress me Supersedes my right to liberty Am I to defend my right Or to accept your suppression as “destiny “? If I stand for my right Would I be called a being with a spine Or a being who undermines your authority? Is it you or is it me, Who first […]

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Prejudiced beasts

Carlin said in one of his pieces, “The earth doesn’t share our prejudice toward plastic” . Well, I think, nature isn’t prejudiced against either living or non-living things. It’s us humans who are. Do these photos have any relation to the text??? Go figure! ! !

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At what stage are we?

Are we rotten to the core yet? Are we at edge of the cliff yet? Are we staring abyss into its eyes? Are we knocking the doors of “hell”? Are we way down the path of isolation/annihilation? Or Are we comprehending the poison we’re being fed? Are we taking a step back to look inwards? […]

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Flag off

Things will get better Only if you flag those off Injustices will become a thing of past Only if you flag those off Inequalities will be overcome Only if you flag those off Prejudices will be buried Only if you flag those off Learned Stupidities will be erased Only if you flag those off!!

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It all starts from childhood You’re told whom to respect But never told why to respect You’re told how to be obedient But never why to be obedient You’re told never to question elders But never why not to question elders You’re told how to lead a good life But never why to lead a […]

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Sometimes you don’t argue Not because others are right But you want to remain sane Sometimes you agree to everything Not because you are devoid of thoughts But you don’t see the point in wasting your energy Sometimes you take others’ side Not because they are judicious But you lack the spine to standup Sometimes […]

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