Quel est le point

Certaines personnes continuer à vivre leur vie sans se soucier de quoi que ce soit en dehors de leur bulleCertaines personnes consacrent leur vie à des causes qui n’ont rien à voir avec leur propre vieLe reste se situe entre ces 2 et se demandent quel est le point? Certaines personnes continuer à vivre leur […]

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What’s the Point??

Some people go on living their lives without caring about anything outside their bubbleSome people dedicate their lives to causes which have nothing to do with their own livesThe rest fall between these 2 and wonder what’s the point? Some people go on living their lives as plain stupidSome people spend their entire lives to […]

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A few tweets could damage the sovereignty of a nation. People we worshiped as heroes in Childhood, turned out to be spineless morons People complain that governments don’t keep up with technology. It could be, but governments know how to cut the access to technology and they’re pretty good at it. People can be imprisoned […]

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Weekly Highlights

Stream of consciousness We live in an era, where one state’s access to high speed internet has been denied for a year and a half and no one seems to care. Source We live in an era, where a Parliamentary democracy is made to look deliberately as a Presidential style (read authoritarian/totalitarian). How can one […]

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Démocratie – Balise ou une blague?

Oxymores/Jokes qui aident à vendre la démocratie Presse libre Élections libres Libre parole Liberté individuelle Droit de manifester Droit à la vie privée Liberté religieuse Droit de vote Mobilité sociale Liberté de choix Système judiciaire libre et équitable Et le plus grand de tous « Pour le peuple, par le peuple, et du peuple » […]

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Where do you stand ?

Caste based ReservationEconomic reservation Welfare politicsIncome Tax cuts Farm loan waiverCorporate loan waive off 100 Day job guaranteeHome Loan interest rate cuts Cabbies asking for little extraBargaining with small vendors People rushing to get home b4 lock down by BusPeople rushing to get home b4 lock down by Air Despising whites when treated as black […]

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New Definitions

New Year New Definition: Democracy = for the lunatics, by the crazies & of the imbecilesGovernment = NationElections = DemocracyOpposing views = Anti NationalBootlicking = PatrioticMedia = Black HolesDevelopment = Corporate growthProtests = Social EvilSecularism = Majoritarian appeasementMythology= HistoryHistory = Fiction

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