2 weeks with Watch OS5

Apple released Watch OS5, along with iOS12, to the public on 17th September. I have written about my experience with iOS12 in a separate article. Now that I have been using the Watch OS 5 in Series 3 Apple Watch for 2 weeks,  I think I can share my experience here. Update Update went smooth […]

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2 weeks with iOS 12

It has been 2 weeks since Apple released iOS12 to the public. I downloaded it, a day later on 18th September. Here is my take on the OS after 2 weeks usage iOS12 This was my first major OS update. I was worried a little, but the update turned out to be rather smooth. Speed […]

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Elections 2019

Before we all realize, India will enter into yet another Crazy election cycle. The current BJP  dispensation will be hoping to retain the power, while Congress & other regional parties will fight hard to dethrone BJP. One fears the kind of campaigns that will be carried out to attain power. We cannot hope that our […]

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Thank You

Thank you To all those wonderful souls who on a daily basis help people commute,&  transport essential goods – you guys are doing an invaluable job. If you stop working one day, the life of thousands would definitely come to a standstill. Yet, your service is not appreciated enough by the people who use it. […]

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Capital Punishment

Are there any new views to write, about the topic on which most erudite people have spoken/written in length? Yes, I do have something to write and it is my views on CP. No one could/would ever write about my views. I know it’s a bad joke. I am all in for punishing (though, I […]

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Music – The life Enhancer “Music- The life-giver” a quote, which I read in a movie, made me think. I am not sure about the life-giving part though. Music is an eternal bliss. It transcends countries, race, religion, language and all other barriers existing between human souls. A good music can calm your nerves, when […]

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Lumia Vs Iphone

At outset, the heading might seem outrageous. How can one compare a Lumia Phone, that has become almost extinct, with Iphone one of the best smartphones out there? But, as a proud owner of Lumia (Lumia 530) phone, who got tempted and bought an Iphone 8,  I feel it is necessary to list down few […]

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