Can you change?

What hurts your sentiments?
A fellow being killed, or
A commercial ad
What hurts your beliefs?
A girl being brutalized, or
A neighbor eating meat
What hurts your sensitivities?
A fellow human being discriminated, or
A frigging movie
You obtained your sensitivities
You inherited your beliefs
You received your sentiments
You have got nothing original
You can still change, or
You can continue dying.

One thought on “Can you change?

  1. All of these issue have a class prejudice attached to it. Think of brutal torture of Julian Assange and the frame up against him for exposing the war crimes of US Imeprialism.

    Brutality against women and children are symptoms of a disease society and disease is definite terminal illness.
    Papers and tabloids focus on convenient lies rather than hard truths.

    We are in definite 1984, a totalitarian regime all over the world and is dystopian in all true sense, so Big brother is watching and so it is better to be careful.

    Demoralization and rationalizing behavior are characteristic features of middle class. It is good that at least you remain critical of what you see and read. Nice painful poem to read senior.



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