It was good, while it lasted

C: Hey it’s been a while since we conversedH : Yes, I have been quite appalled by the news I keep reading and wanted to be aloneC: What news could have such an impact on a nihilist/absurdist such as you?H: Have you read about the alleged rape & murder of a 9 years old Dalit […]

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IWD ’21

We name everything after youMother Earth, Mother tongue, Mother land etc,Is it done out of love?Is it done out of respect?I highly doubt it We name it so we could get away with our violence against you,We name it so we could shame you for your “immoral” behavior,We name it so we could confine youWe […]

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Can you change?

What hurts your sentiments?A fellow being killed, orA commercial adWhat hurts your beliefs?A girl being brutalized, orA neighbor eating meatWhat hurts your sensitivities?A fellow human being discriminated, orA frigging movieYou obtained your sensitivitiesYou inherited your beliefsYou received your sentimentsYou have got nothing originalYou can still change, orYou can continue dying.

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Never Free

You thought you were freeSadly you never wereYou thought you were safeSadly you never were You thought we’ve your backIntentionally we never hadYou thought we’ll get you justiceEmbarrassingly we never will You thought Men are humansObviously we never wereYou thought someone sees youWe all are so fucking blind!!!! (I imagine)You wished you weren’t born as […]

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