Define Yourself

Your work doesn’t define you
Neither your relationship
Your wealth doesn’t define you
Neither your social status
Your success doesn’t define you
Neither your failure
Your birth doesn’t define you
Neither your death
Your virtues don’t define you
Neither your vices
If these don’t, then what would?
We spend our lives trying to figure out
Only to realize it’s absurdity in the end.

3 thoughts on “Define Yourself

    1. If by liver you mean the person who lives, my point is that that person simply lives and he/she doesn’t create anything, buddy. As Camus said(I am paraphrasing) absurdly is the chasm between our expectation of finding a meaning for our lives and a world that’s indifference to our existence, which doesn’t really care if we find a meaning or not.

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      1. Camus is an existential philosopher, whose writings that of of demoralized petty bourgeois, got validity because of the betrayal of working class leadership (SPD and KPD) in Germany and Fascism coming to power… We need to analyze it rather than adapt to it…


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