We all stand at the edge of precipiceNot afraid of falling,But afraid of jumping,Why do we even think of jumping?Could it be the burden of existence?Could it be the burden of loneliness?Could it be the burden of keeping up with society’s standards?Or could it be that it makes no difference?We immerse ourselves in mundane tasksWe […]

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Is Work worth doing?

An internal monologue : If monologue is one person talking, would it matter if its internal or external? -That’s a discussion for another day. We all value work so much in our society. When asked, people might say Work gives respect, money, value and sense of self-worth. But I would say the greatest gift of […]

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« Sisyphe: Il a été puni pour avoir triché la mort deux fois en étant forcé de rouler un énorme rocher sur une colline seulement pour qu’il roule vers le bas chaque fois qu’il s’approchait du sommet, répétant cette action pour l’éternité » Si nous y pensons, sommes-nous différents de Sisyphe? Au moins, il n’avait […]

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“Sisyphus : He was punished for cheating death twice by being forced to roll an immense boulder up a hill only for it to roll down every time it neared the top, repeating this action for eternity” If we think about it, are we any different from Sisyphus? At least he had only one boulder […]

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Qui est un étranger?Une personne inconnue que vous voyez souventUne personne connue que vous ne voyez pas souvent;Un voisin que vous ignorez délibérémentUne célébrité que vous adorez sans cesse;Un être abstrait à qui tu priesUn concitoyen que vous détestez;Un jeune toi dont tu ne te souviens plusUn vous plus âgé que vous ne connaissez pas […]

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Who is a stranger? An unknown person you see oftenA known person you don’t see often;A neighbor whom you deliberately ignoreA celebrity you incessantly adore;An abstract being whom you pray toA fellow citizen whom you detest;A younger you whom you don’t rememberAn older you whom you don’t know yet;Remember, we all are strangers to ourselves

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Define Yourself

Your work doesn’t define youNeither your relationshipYour wealth doesn’t define youNeither your social statusYour success doesn’t define youNeither your failureYour birth doesn’t define youNeither your deathYour virtues don’t define youNeither your vicesIf these don’t, then what would?We spend our lives trying to figure outOnly to realize it’s absurdity in the end.

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