Yours obediently

Your right to suppress me

Supersedes my right to liberty

Am I to defend my right

Or to accept your suppression as “destiny “?

If I stand for my right

Would I be called a being with a spine

Or a being who undermines your authority?

Is it you or is it me,

Who first undermined other’s liberty?

Think about it

Next being whom you suppress

Might not be as enslaved as me!!

Yours lovingly

your enslaved pet!!!

One thought on “Yours obediently

  1. I observe that dogs do have class differences too;
    A rich dog eats meat and pedigree to eat every day for all three meals,
    A middle class dog eats rice with milk every day and meat once in a week,
    A Street dog eats biscuit, bun or garbage, when worker had pity on it.
    A rich dog has its own house to sleep,
    A middle class dog gets verandah outside the house to sleep,
    A Street dog has only road to sleep.
    A rich dog is washed in dog parlors,
    A middle class dog washed in house,
    Rain washes the street dog.
    A rich dog has sound sleep at night,
    A middle class dog has sound sleep at day,
    A Street sleeps here and there and is awake both day and night.
    A rich dog gets periodic injections and pet clinic to get treated when ill,
    A middle class dog gets at least anti rabies injections,
    A Street dog is taken away once in a while by corporation and killed as cure for rabies.
    A rich dog will have a long life, respectful burial after death and rich kids crying for its death and memorial too every year,
    A middle class dog will have an acceptable life span, but won’t have such great burial and would slowly fade away in people’s memory,
    A Street dog faces death every day, road is its burial ground, scavengers like crow and rats eat its flesh away in few days.

    Wrote is 2015 senior.. Might have sent to that time as well, I think. resending you.
    Felt to re-read it when you wrote this piece.


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