You Are Lucky!!!

You are lucky
Yes, I believe in luck We all must believe
The fact that you’re reading this
Proves you’re lucky
Luck doesn’t favour the brave
Nor does it favour intelligence
It happens just like that
Nothing more nothing less
You never could’ve been born
You never could have survived childhood
You never could have gotten an education
You never could’ve been “free”
You could have hit by a lightening in last rain
You could be in prison
for being at wrong place at wrong time
You could’ve been dead now
Just because others think you’re different
You could’ve been thrown out of college
Just because of your attire
You could’ve been deprived of justice
Just because your birth is an issue for others Despite all, here you’re thanks to luck Reading this mumbling From the comfort of your home Blissfully unaware of the Truth
Never forget
Luck runs out for everyone
If you don’t stand by those unlucky ones now
Tomorrow you could be out of luck and left standing alone
Yes, I believe in luck!! PS : Copy pasted and edited. Nothing new ever created in this universe

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