Life of an unbearably tender being

Imagine a Pigeon’s life

It is always on alert, for

Its life is constantly under threat

Before quenching its thirst

It surveils the surroundings

It then takes a quick sip or two

Before looking out for predators again

If it finds a morsel of food on ground,

It cannot simply peck it with no second thoughts

First, to reach the morsel,

It needs to time its jump perfectly to come closer to morsel

Then as cautious as always it pecks the morsel

Before flying back to its nest

Imagine a life of having to constantly look out for threats 

Would it share the same existential angst as humans?

Who knows may be it wonders the same about us

PS:  This post is inspired by these lines from The God of small things

Estha wonders on seeing a bird “..the fact that something so fragile, so unbearably tender had survived, had been allowed to exist, was a miracle”

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