I was wondering whether am I silent by choice, or due to external force. Even if it were due to external forces, then am I not making a choice to remain silent? I can defy it and choose to speak. In both the cases I am making a choice, either due to my free will (if there is) or due to external pressure.

I was wondering whether I project as a nice person because I am a nice person or because others expect me to be so? Who defines “nice” anyways? Either way am yielding to outside forces making my pointless life even more pointless.

I was wondering whether I am indifferent to others’ sufferings because I cannot do anything about it or because I really don’t care? Or is there a third possibility : Being Indifferent- just as Universe is to us- is an inherent nature of mine?

I was wondering whether I am following the rules because I believe in them or because I am too scared to be punished by the authorities? Would the former make me a better subject than the latter?

Lastly, I was wondering whether I ramble because I have something to say & write or I have nothing to say but want to write?

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