Outside of Comfort Bubble

Amidst the pandemic :

A War is being waged
Children are getting killed
Buildings are getting razed
People are getting forcefully evicted,
Yet the oppressor has “The Right to defend”

There are nations with not a single shot of vaccine yet,
There are nations with 4,5 times the number of needed vaccines,
There are people not getting vaccinated because of discrimination
There are people who jump the queues to get vaccinated in different town
Yet the policy is termed “Equitable”

“Liberty, Equality & Fraternity” enshrined in the Constitution
But Fraternity goes for a toss
Because Dog eats Dog
Hence Justice goes missing
Yet we bang our plates & cheer our leaders

Pseudoscience takes hold
Misinformation spreads as wild fire
Rationality goes to the dump
Going back to roots messages gain traction (go to roots to die of polio, preventable deaths?)
Yet we consider ourselves as Educated souls.

To Watch : Ruthless killing of Palestinians (Try to watch this if you could) , Monumental Failure of Vaccine policy (Watch this fully if you could)

To Read: Article on a blind Palestinian activist

PS: Needless to say : This writing is pretty much a theft of ideas from reading/watching items (not just the ones included) in rabbit hole of internet.

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