What we did(not)

Amidst the Pandemic

In no time we launched a data grabbing App
We banged plates
We welcomed Foreign president with large crowd
We disregarded warnings from opposition
Imposed a strict lock-down causing migrant crisis
Created a not so transparent fund with no one knowing what happened to it
We partially stopped MP funds depriving MPs from using funds for their constituents
Faced a stand-off with neighboring country
brought down opposition government/government
Passed a controversial Environmental act
Passed a troubling Farm bill
Raised petrol diesel prices to astronomical levels
Launched a new education policy to ire of states
Conducted poll rallies
We laid foundation for new Parliament & temple
We celebrated defeat of pandemic
We exported vaccines
We opened largest cricket stadium to play matches with audience
We allowed religious gathering
We took down tweets criticizing government
We said things that shouldn’t be said
But we were found wanting when 2nd wave hit
Executed an economically flawed vaccination strategy
Now, Being Hopeful (however unfortunate it might be) remains our only hope!!!

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