Petit Ego

They say, “Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me” I love fooling myself, so I don’t mind you fooling me forever You take my intelligence for granted You with your grand standing and lies I know, deep down, that you’re swindling me Yet I believed in your promises Promises that […]

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The Curse

You clap when you’re asked to You light lamps when you’re asked to From comforts of your living room Order food online Watch movies online Complain about migrant workers Spreading infection to remote parts You pick up fights When someone points out flaws You’re willing to pay 1000s You’re willing to cut corners You jump […]

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What we did(not)

Amidst the Pandemic In no time we launched a data grabbing AppWe banged platesWe welcomed Foreign president with large crowdWe disregarded warnings from oppositionImposed a strict lock-down causing migrant crisisCreated a not so transparent fund with no one knowing what happened to itWe partially stopped MP funds depriving MPs from using funds for their constituentsFaced […]

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Too many or too little?

H: Hey Celine, you want to know a radical thought I have been fostering last couple of weeks? C: I know you won’t leave me, even if I say no. So please proceed H: Why not we do away with elections from our democracy? C: What? Aren’t elections basic criteria to consider having a functioning […]

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