Ramblings – II

Few takes on movie dialogues, conversations & few stupid thoughts

“He raped me, but at least he was there for me” – The person cried after saying this. People simply took it and moved on. But when they thought about it later, they realized how lonely and lost that person should have been that she felt a connection to the person who raped her? We’re so complex creatures that we will every truly understand ourselves.

“I don’t have the privilege to fight for justice” – All the nice words of all are equal before law takes a hit, when not everyone has equal access to Justice system

“You stand on your high moral ground & look down on others who are low lives” – Even morality and virtues are truly luxury

“You never know what is important, until a moment comes for you to choose” – Need I say more about it?

“You have the luxury to choose, but for me to survive choosing is not an option, I grab on whatever comes” – Again choice is a luxury, at the same time having more choices paralyses an individual. In short not to have choice, to have choice & having more choices – all are problematic. Is choice a good thing or a bad thing???

When people say, “arc of moral universe is long, but bends towards justice” (found this well written Huffpost article on the exact saying), I always wonder what happens to those who suffered in the meantime? When people say the Nazi regime lasted only 12 years, the damage done in 12 years took decades to correct and worse still the millions who lost their lives had no justice served. May be their arc was not long enough

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