A few tweets could damage the sovereignty of a nation.

People we worshiped as heroes in Childhood, turned out to be spineless morons

People complain that governments don’t keep up with technology. It could be, but governments know how to cut the access to technology and they’re pretty good at it.

People can be imprisoned for jokes and can be denied bail for at least a month.

People can be imprisoned for covering news & charged under colonial act for reporting an unverified news?

Government can pass budget with juggling figures and get away without serious questioning from the so called Fourth Pillar of democracy

Governments can erect barriers to prevent protestors from entering a city and not many people seem to care.

Governments can monitor social media postings of individuals to decide on whether to issue passport based on their postings and get away with it, even it is for the moment

If a party and leaders pretend to be something which they’re not, then people should teach the party right lessons

Companies made huge profits even during pandemic, by laying people off & not many cared about this either.

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