Sometimes you don’t argue Not because others are right But you want to remain sane Sometimes you agree to everything Not because you are devoid of thoughts But you don’t see the point in wasting your energy Sometimes you take others’ side Not because they are judicious But you lack the spine to standup Sometimes […]

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The Curse

You clap when you’re asked to You light lamps when you’re asked to From comforts of your living room Order food online Watch movies online Complain about migrant workers Spreading infection to remote parts You pick up fights When someone points out flaws You’re willing to pay 1000s You’re willing to cut corners You jump […]

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What we learnt

Migrants have no support in cities Animals have a strong support group among elites  Stark inequality between rural & urban  Education became a distant dream for many (again) Rich will always find a way to make more money Disaster Capitalism is Real  People using recreational drugs can be burnt at stake People reveling tragedy proclaim […]

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It’s 3 AM in the morning. There she was lying on her, suddenly awakened by feeling of anxiousness. She wondered why? Was it the horrendous meeting with her colleagues at office in the morning? Was it the constant bickering with her partner that evening? Was it something else? She couldn’t point out exactly what’s troubling […]

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A few tweets could damage the sovereignty of a nation. People we worshiped as heroes in Childhood, turned out to be spineless morons People complain that governments don’t keep up with technology. It could be, but governments know how to cut the access to technology and they’re pretty good at it. People can be imprisoned […]

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