Stupid Citizens

Why governments love having stupid citizens/keeping citizens stupid?

✓ They can ride on their backs and make them vote against their own interests ✓ Easy to create an “other” and attribute all the flaws in the nation to the “other”
✓ Easy to divert attention from pressing issues by making citizenry focus on non-issues
✓ Can make them accept their fates and not question more from the government
✓ Can make them suffer first and heal them later to a bare minimum
✓ Can say one thing do another thing not worrying about getting exposed as Hypocrites
✓ Can easily revise the history to its imagination & make patriots out of murderers
✓ Can make tall claims without having to worry about citizens following up on the claims’ status
✓ Can suggest simple(read stupid) solutions to complex issues and propagate them without bothering to explain the reason behind the simple solution

Who are Stupid citizens?

✓ Educated but accept government’s claims without questioning
✓ So focused on their own well-being not worrying about average persons
✓ Taking pride on some abstract concepts (nationalism, religionism) for which they spent no efforts
✓ Not having any stakes on the outcomes of the laws passed by government
✓ Enjoys drama over content

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