Gullible Geniuses

You’ve must realize you’ve become a gullible genius When you’re made to: Boast about things that you never will use But never question the sad state of affairs of the things you do use Boast about some abstract historical pride But simply accept your decreipt present Boast about your leaders’ global stature But you’re happy […]

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Omnipresent me!

I am omnipresent Yet, I am invisible I am with you all the times I accompany you everywhere I make you feel at ease You feel superior due to me You tow the line thanks to me You never doubt yourself or Your ilk because of me I fill the void of your life I […]

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Stupid Citizens

Why governments love having stupid citizens/keeping citizens stupid? ✓ They can ride on their backs and make them vote against their own interests ✓ Easy to create an “other” and attribute all the flaws in the nation to the “other”✓ Easy to divert attention from pressing issues by making citizenry focus on non-issues✓ Can make […]

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