What makes movies special to us? We spend our time and/or money to watch movies, that we know are unreal. Even the movies, based on real life stories aren’t real. Yet, most of the human beings spend quite a part of their life times watching movies. One could think, that there is no rationale behind it. But, the following quote explains why Humans love movies – “The things that are least important for our survival are the very things that make us Human”. – Savas Dimopoulos

Movies aren’t yet another art form such as literature, paintings, music, etc. It is a melange of all art forms. So, just like other art forms, a good movie can inspire the audience, at the same time can destroy their belief systems. Movies broaden the horizon of the people. Movies help us explore about, human beings’ nature; the unique things that make each country; our world’s beautiful and the terrible history; and much more. Movies touch those parts of our soul, which we are often unaware of, or, that we ignored. Movies not just restore our faith in human beings, but also throw some light on the terrible things humans are capable of. Movies do all these things on a larger scale than most other art forms.

Movies help humans realize their innate qualities such as empathy, laughter, and crying. As one of my friends said, “We, human beings, are the privileged ones, who could cry. So, why hold back when you feel crying”. Even people, who are so tough in public, would become their true self while watching movies. A movie that could evoke all these, in humans is a good movie. Movies help humans come to terms with certain life aspects, even before the larger public accepts those. Directors made movies about homosexuality, even at the times, when people considered it as unnatural & a crime. (Unfortunately this is the case even now in some parts of the world.) Movies such as Seventh Seal, Love & Death, talk about the worst fear of the Human Kind – Death. In fact, almost all Woody Allen’s movies have questions about death as a subtext.

There is this saying, “You don’t live long enough to learn everything from your own mistakes, it is smart to learn from others’ mistakes too”. It is not applicable only for mistakes. One could learn valuable life lessons by watching movies. There are innumerable movies teaching life lessons to it’s audiences. To quote few movies, “ It’s a wonderful Life” – teaches that when you do good to others, others would be good to you. “Fault in our stars” – Every one of us born in this indifferent world is going to die. But, being nice to others even at the time of death does a world of good to those around you. “A Thousand times Good night” – There are places in world, where people live terrible lives. It is the duty of the war photographers to show us the adverse lives that those people lead. “Good Will Hunting” – An analyst assisted insight into our own lives, could help us overcome our fears. “When Harry Met Sally” – Men and women can never be friends. “Midnight in Paris” – It is all too nice to live in the past, but what matters the most is the living in the present. “Blue is the Warmest colour” – The tribulations of an unrequited love can only be overcome by moving on with our lives. And there are many more movies having a subtle or straight on the face life lessons.

Movies shed huge light on history in a way that no other art form could do. This is true in case of movies about the ignominious world wars, the racial tensions in US, the patriarchal nature of the society, and many others. As the saying goes, “Those who don’t learn History, tend to repeat it”. History is essential for the survival of human kind and movies help in a big way to keep the history alive. Movies also help us understand that the world is not a binary system. People consider Corruption and bribery as one of the greatest sins of Humans. But, movies such as Hotel Rwanda, and The Schindler’s list, show that these very acts help save thousands of lives from dangerous situations. Movie such as, Blood Diamond, Lord of war, The Big Short, & Spotlight, show that some of the powerful people in the world do unthinkable inhumane activities. Movies, not just teach us history, but they also attempt to showcase the future. Movies such as, Her – talks about virtual partners. The Hunger games, Mad Max Fury Road, & The Rover – all show the dystopian future of the world, torn and ravaged by wars. The Martian, The Interstellar, Dr. Strange – show the possibility that science holds for the human kinds. Thus, in some ways movies also play a part in shaping our future.

When one thinks about it, movies are capable of doing much more than what has been mentioned here. Movies are essential for us, to help look at the past, the present, and, the future. So, we could proudly consider Movies to be the only Time machine that humans have produced till date.

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