La confiance

« La confiance, c’est la vie »Un dialogue dans un filmJe ne l’ai pas eu à l’époque.Mais je l’ai en quelque sorte maintenant Les familles courent sur la confianceLes nations courent sur la confianceLes démocraties fonctionnent sur la confianceLes sociétés fonctionnent sur la confianceVotre santé mentale repose sur la confiance Les totalitaires prospèrent sur le […]

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A Year of the Quiet Sun – Movie

All wars tear nations down. Casualties in these wars are everyday people. Rarely do the leaders, who start these wars, die in these wars. At least the early days of humanity, leaders who wage the war actually fought in the war. Now a days with advent of science and technology, world leaders sitting thousands of […]

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Leave No Trace – Movie time

!!For what its worth – Spoilers ahead!! Imagine what it would be like for your teenage self to be living with your father in the woods. No schools to attend, no friends to party with & your only interaction with the outside world is when you go shopping to get your essentials. How would you […]

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What makes movies special to us? We spend our time and/or money to watch movies, that we know are unreal. Even the movies, based on real life stories aren’t real. Yet, most of the human beings spend quite a part of their life times watching movies. One could think, that there is no rationale behind […]

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