Music – The life Enhancer

“Music- The life-giver” a quote, which I read in a movie, made me think. I am not sure about the life-giving part though. Music is an eternal bliss. It transcends countries, race, religion, language and all other barriers existing between human souls. A good music can calm your nerves, when stressed out. A hard metal music, to me, can help one to vent out anger. Why is the music so universal? Would there be places in earth, where there is no music? I wonder whether there are things other than music, which unite people across nations as music does.

To people in war zone, even the constant bombing might be some sort of threatening music. A stone dropped in water, a cuckoo singing, a blowing of wind, all produce some sort of music. Some even claim that silence too is music. A pause between two notes helps us appreciate the music better. So, even silence, which could be alluded as antagonist to music the protagonist, contributes to music. Isn’t this a wonderful contradiction? At this very moment, the sound each key stroke makes in a uniform manner is kind of music to ears. In short, music is omnipresent. I am not sure about the presence of god, the music is to me is omnipresent and in fact omnipotent.

Is there something called bad music? Every music appeals to one person or the other. So terming or branding, which is a subjective thing to do, music good or bad isn’t right thing to do. We are so used to rank and put things in a hierarchical order, that even music has not escaped this evil. There are certain things in life and world, which must not and should not be ranked. Music is one among them. So, let’s enjoy the music, which accompanies a person from life to his death (Even a death procession is accompanied by music in some parts of the world). Music even if not life-giver, is sure a life enhancer.

_ From 19th July 2015

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