Lumia Vs Iphone

At outset, the heading might seem outrageous. How can one compare a Lumia Phone, that has become almost extinct, with Iphone one of the best smartphones out there? But, as a proud owner of Lumia (Lumia 530) phone, who got tempted and bought an Iphone 8,Ā  I feel it is necessary to list down few features, which are available in Lumia but not in Iphone.

I am going to focus on stock apps, their features & one hardware component which are found in Nokia, but not in Iphone


I can easily set an alarm directly without having to go through an additional step, which is found in Iphone. In Iphone, If I have to modify the alarm, I have to click Edit first, then modify the alarm. Why an unnecessary step?

Snoozing Alarms

In Lumia, when I snooze, I have the option to choose the gap between the snoozes. In Iphone, I don’t have this option.


When I set a reminder in Lumia, I get the alert at the set time regardless of the timezone, in which I am in. For instance, if I set a reminder (when in India) for every Friday at 5 PM, I am alerted at 5 PM no matter in which country I am. In Iphone, however, for the same reminder, I get alerts when it is 5 PM in India, even though I am in different country.

Birthday Reminders

In Lumia, I can choose the birthday alert to remind me at any one of the possible times. However, in Iphone I can choose only one from 3 options (One week before at 9 AM, 2 weeks before 9 AM, & 9 AM on the date of the event). What if I want to wish someone early in the morning? I am not entirely sure of the available options in Iphone. If there is a way to achieve this, then I can correct my mistake.

Battery & Durability

Nokia phones were known for their battery life & durability. Yeah, yeah, I hear people saying that Lumia is a not really a smart phone. I get that. However, when a $100 phone gave me a solid 1 day battery life (initial days) with extensive usage, shouldn’t a $700 phone give, if not better, then at least the same battery life? In Iphone, I got just about 8-10 hours with an extensive use (initial days). And it would be a joke to compare the durability of two phones.

Media transfer

I use a Windows PC. To transfer photos from my Lumia, I connect the phone to laptop using a USB cable, click the image folder & copy the photos to my PC. Quick & simple process. For Iphone, I need to connect to my Icloud , from where I can select one photo at a time and download.

Dual sim

Lumia supports dual sims, were as Iphones don’t (this is changed in 2018 phones).

I know this comparison is not an Apple to Apple comparison (no pun intended). I believe phone usage & preferences fall in subjective realm. So this is my experience of using 2 phones. Not that I dislike my Iphone, but I feel that Apple can take some clues from Lumia & make the Iphone experience better šŸ˜€

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