What’s your choice : Eternal Vigilance or Eternal Indifference??

Democracy is a living organismIt grows faster when people careIt deteriorates when they don’tIt thrives when citizens are informedIt struggles when they’re ill-informedWe don’t expect a child to growIf we feed it once every 5 yearsBut we expect democracy to growJust ‘coz we vote on election dayEconomic system drove us away from politicsConsumerism made us […]

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The Curse

You clap when you’re asked to You light lamps when you’re asked to From comforts of your living room Order food online Watch movies online Complain about migrant workers Spreading infection to remote parts You pick up fights When someone points out flaws You’re willing to pay 1000s You’re willing to cut corners You jump […]

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Be Careful

Look carefully at what you relish/scorn Tomorrow You might be the person : Getting beaten up for violating(for a valid reason) a social norm; Needing government aid; Fleeing a city out of fear; Needing a lawyer to argue for you; Getting trashed(even killed) for your food habits in name of animal rights; Getting deprived of […]

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Outside of Comfort Bubble

Amidst the pandemic : A War is being wagedChildren are getting killedBuildings are getting razedPeople are getting forcefully evicted,Yet the oppressor has “The Right to defend” There are nations with not a single shot of vaccine yet,There are nations with 4,5 times the number of needed vaccines,There are people not getting vaccinated because of discriminationThere […]

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C: Hey, I have something to discuss with you. You have time? H: Not much, but still go ahead C: I was wondering whether average people really care about Democracy. H: I hope so. Do you think otherwise? C: Yes, I think people care least about their country being a democratic one or an authoritarian […]

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IPL or Tone Deaf PL??

C: Hey how have you been? H : I am good, considering all that’s happening in India C: Do you mean governments’ (largely union government) lack of preparedness to deal with 2nd wave(tsunami)? H: Don’t be mean in these trying times. There is no point in blaming the government. Tell me why do you want […]

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Demand More

From government Demand universal healthcareDemand free educationDemand social security netDemand equitable growthDemand free & fair criminal justice systemDemand Free speechDemand Right to DissentDemand Right to be left aloneDemand following the constitution & make amendments when neededDemand building a state/country that trusts science and is rational From Party in power (Never call ruling party : They […]

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What we learnt

Migrants have no support in cities Animals have a strong support group among elites  Stark inequality between rural & urban  Education became a distant dream for many (again) Rich will always find a way to make more money Disaster Capitalism is Real  People using recreational drugs can be burnt at stake People reveling tragedy proclaim […]

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What we did(not)

Amidst the Pandemic In no time we launched a data grabbing AppWe banged platesWe welcomed Foreign president with large crowdWe disregarded warnings from oppositionImposed a strict lock-down causing migrant crisisCreated a not so transparent fund with no one knowing what happened to itWe partially stopped MP funds depriving MPs from using funds for their constituentsFaced […]

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