Too many or too little?

H: Hey Celine, you want to know a radical thought I have been fostering last couple of weeks? C: I know you won’t leave me, even if I say no. So please proceed H: Why not we do away with elections from our democracy? C: What? Aren’t elections basic criteria to consider having a functioning […]

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IWD ’21

We name everything after youMother Earth, Mother tongue, Mother land etc,Is it done out of love?Is it done out of respect?I highly doubt it We name it so we could get away with our violence against you,We name it so we could shame you for your “immoral” behavior,We name it so we could confine youWe […]

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It’s 3 AM in the morning. There she was lying on her, suddenly awakened by feeling of anxiousness. She wondered why? Was it the horrendous meeting with her colleagues at office in the morning? Was it the constant bickering with her partner that evening? Was it something else? She couldn’t point out exactly what’s troubling […]

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A few tweets could damage the sovereignty of a nation. People we worshiped as heroes in Childhood, turned out to be spineless morons People complain that governments don’t keep up with technology. It could be, but governments know how to cut the access to technology and they’re pretty good at it. People can be imprisoned […]

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Weekly Highlights

Stream of consciousness We live in an era, where one state’s access to high speed internet has been denied for a year and a half and no one seems to care. Source We live in an era, where a Parliamentary democracy is made to look deliberately as a Presidential style (read authoritarian/totalitarian). How can one […]

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Démocratie – Balise ou une blague?

Oxymores/Jokes qui aident à vendre la démocratie Presse libre Élections libres Libre parole Liberté individuelle Droit de manifester Droit à la vie privée Liberté religieuse Droit de vote Mobilité sociale Liberté de choix Système judiciaire libre et équitable Et le plus grand de tous « Pour le peuple, par le peuple, et du peuple » […]

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