What’s your choice : Eternal Vigilance or Eternal Indifference??

Democracy is a living organism
It grows faster when people care
It deteriorates when they don’t
It thrives when citizens are informed
It struggles when they’re ill-informed
We don’t expect a child to grow
If we feed it once every 5 years
But we expect democracy to grow
Just ‘coz we vote on election day
Economic system drove us away from politics
Consumerism made us take sleaze for news
Information is available on our finger tip
Yet we’re stupid beyond measures
Either we change the course and save the living being
Or we repeat the mistakes and let democracy die a slow death

Note: Someone said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”. Democracy is a must-have to enjoy liberty. The quote should’ve been, “Eternal vigilance is the price of democracy, which guarantees liberty”.

Note+ : Remember, “Eternal Indifference is the curse of Democracy”

Be vigilant on : This

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