Zombies : Un-dead creatures walking around with no consciousness

We are zombies, when we:

Stay silent upon seeing school girls stripped of their dignity & education

Choose to turn away when people’s homes are razed to ground on mere suspicion

Smirk at the rampant hate speech discourses against the “Others”

Rejoice at the plight of these poor others (here, here, here, here), who are “put in their places” (for those lazy beings – it is about others’ food, economics, freedom of religion)

Vote not based on bread & butter issues but on communal lines

Gleefully accept the withering away of “Rule of Law

Remember You pliant bigot

Hate eats you in the long run

Your off-springs will be eaten away too

The fascists always look for an “other” to divert people’s attention from burning issues such as inequality

Soon, you could be the next OTHER

When you become one, no one will be there for you. (Read this famous poem from 1930s)

To the Political Parties

If you don’t openly condemn these acts and stand with oppressed on the ground, rest assured you will be made “Other” first, before any common people are made (i.e. in case if you haven’t been othered already)

Bonus: A nice article on what could happen if current trend goes on

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