Speak Up

H: Hey, I need you to clear my doubt about something

C: Tell me, I will try. Anyways your question and my answer are in the end meaningless

H : Recently someone asked me “what trait of yours will make world a better place?” & I mentioned remaining silent/doing nothing

C: Pl enlighten me

H: If I don’t do anything for others and remain silent, wouldn’t that serve the world better? If I try to do/say something and that causes some harm, that would be an issue, isn’t it?

C: Let me ask you some questions

H: Pl, go ahead

C: Let’s say you’re walking along a lake and you see someone drowning. You know swimming too & there is no one else in the surrounding. Would you not save the drowning person?

H: How would I know if that person is a good person or a bad person?

C: Does that matter?

H: Of course it matters. What if the person was a bad person and me saving the person end up making the world a bad place? Worse still, what if the same person attacks me after I saved him/her?

C: Let me modify the question. What if a young child was drowning? Wouldn’t you save the child?

H: This is even worse. What if the parents had abandoned the child? If I save the child, am I going to raise the child? Or am I going to hand it over to social service worker. I don’t want to spend my time going through bureaucratic hell just because I saved a child

C: In this case, aren’t you hurting the child there by hurting the world?

H: How do you know that? What if the child turns out to be a murderer in future?

C: Let’s twist the scene. What if you’re the one drowning and someone who follows your principle of staying silent, comes across but ignores your cry for help?

H:Oh! This is tricky. By the way, why would I be in a lake, if I don’t know swimming?

C: This is getting ridiculous. The question is what would you think if that other person ignores your pleading?

H: I would be disappointed and angry at the person for not helping me. But once the person leaves, I would assume (if I am still floating), that the person might not have known swimming

C: So you’re resigning to the fate?

H: Yes only after getting angry at the person for not helping me

C: See, when you were the passer by you had reasons not to help the drowning person, but when you are the one who is drowning you expect the others to come to your help. Don’t you see staying silent is not an option

H: This is an hypothetical scenario only, isn’t it. With my way of living, I don’t think I would ever come across a situation, where I put myself in danger. Don’t you think your point is little dramatic?

C: How certain are you that you will live for say next 50 years?

H: How can I be certain? There are lots of things which are outside my control that decide the number of years, I live. Why do you ask?

C: If you cannot be certain about this, how can you be certain about your way of life being just as it is now for the foreseeable future? What if some military coup happens in your country or if some dictator comes to power or some injustice meted out to you?

H: What’s with these examples?

C: These example show that your life can be turned upside down in no time. Your every choice counts including the choice to remain silent or speaking up

H: So, should I be constantly worried about something bad happening to me, which changes my life?

C: I am not saying that. Just be aware of the choices you make. You never know when you would be put in a spot. Also Camus said ““Life is a sum of all your choices”, so choose wisely

H: This is unlike you. Usually you’re the one who preaches absurdity, but why you are you try to make some sense?

C: Even now I say, in the end it doesn’t even matter. But even to bear that absurdity you should be willing to do something over the other. This situation of yours is one such thing

H: lol!!

C:  The often cited poem that clearly states the evil of silence would be a perfect ending to our conversation. So don’t stay silent!!!

“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—

     Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—

     Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—

     Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Speak Up for this : Snooping/Hacking

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