Demand More

From government

Demand universal healthcare
Demand free education
Demand social security net
Demand equitable growth
Demand free & fair criminal justice system
Demand Free speech
Demand Right to Dissent
Demand Right to be left alone
Demand following the constitution & make amendments when needed
Demand building a state/country that trusts science and is rational

From Party in power (Never call ruling party : They are people’s servants not rulers)

Demand their political funding
Demand their report card end of every year
Demand their dealing with lobbyists
Demand their actions be brought under Information acts (RTI, FOI etc)
Demand not to poach opposition’s elected representatives

From Opposition

Demand standing for people’s issues
Demand raising people issues in legislative forums
Demand sourcing of their funds
Demand report card of their performance in parliaments/legislatures
Demand their actions be brought under Information acts (RTI, FOI etc)
Demand candidates with ideology and not power/money

From media

Demand holding powers to account
Demand fair coverage of issues
Demand disclosure of their political leanings
Demand declaration of funding
Demand shouting spectacles be shut down

From Industries

Demand standing with people
Demand revealing of their political contributions
Demand to reveal all give & take they dealt with the powers that be
Demand accountability of their actions

From you

Demand spending time on enlightening yourselves
Demand raising voices when needed
Demand hitting the streets when needed
Demand speaking out for others (not just your own clan/community/religion/castes & all nonsense)

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Must watch : Pseudoscience, Economist speech in Tamil, Economic Impact of 2nd Wave

Must listen : Music the life giver

Note : Most of what is mentioned should already be existing in a functioning democracy and some are existing. We must demand implementing those. Btw, if you think the article is superficial or radical or total non-sense, feel free to think. But, do you think I really care??? 😉

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