Weekly Highlights

Stream of consciousness

We live in an era, where one state’s access to high speed internet has been denied for a year and a half and no one seems to care.


We live in an era, where a Parliamentary democracy is made to look deliberately as a Presidential style (read authoritarian/totalitarian).

How can one pull oxygen out of a life support for a Narcissist? Make the person look weak. Don’t pin every decision on the person. It only makes the person look more powerful. Make others around the person responsible. Take the aura surrounding the narcissist. Question the relevant person for an issue. As a conclusion, question the Narcissist’s inability to deal with others around him but not as a reason for the issue.

We live in an age where Governments get away with doing very little. One reason for this is the crowd funding platforms, some non-profit, some for profit, that diverts the anger from government into individual’s inability to deal with mishaps.

If someone were to say that I built toilets, so I helped prevent a Pandemic? What would world say?


Some national leaders are being ambassadors for vaccination, by getting vaccinated first. But in some other countries people with no voice & power are made to undergo vaccination. How come National leaders are not questioned? They get away by taking a High Moral ground by saying that politicians won’t be given priorities? For cow brained people, this will be music to their ears.

Sources : Leaders taking Vaccination , Leaders not taking, Voiceless & powerless getting vaccinated

Prisoners do have some rights. Some prisoners are denied basic amenities such as Spectacles and straw. What would happen if you were there in that prisoner’s place? How long would it take for you to end up in a prison on a trumped up charges?


When global oil prices were going through the roof, people made a huge hue and cry about raising prices. But now when oil prices are down, but taxes are making petrol/Diesel price astronomical, no one questions?


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