Moveable Beast

To You,

I have been wanting to write a Thank you note for you quite sometime now. But I haven’t had the chance until today. People complain about having to spend way too much time with you, but I indeed have enjoyed spending time with you and it was well worth it. So, here is my humble thanks to you.

I met you very late in my life. In fact I have had an aversion towards you and your ilk until not very recently. It might be because I didn’t come across a nice one of your ilk early in my life. But when I did, I understood the charm that’s usually attributed to you. You can be rustic & sophisticated; you can be modern & ancient; you can crawl & you can disappear in a second all at the same time. You can be everywhere and nowhere. You were a wonder when you first set foot on this planet and you still remain to be a wonder for most people even now.

People who love solitude will embrace you with both hands.The tranquility of reading while being with you has no parallels. You take us through mountains, along the banks of rivers, and also give us a glimpse of cities even if it’s for a short while. In a short time, you give a peek of what life would be when one could admire the nature wholeheartedly.

Talking about life, In life when we take a step forward, we see what’s in front of us. But when going with you, though we take step forward, we get the unique opportunity to see what went past us. You go forward but help us look backward. You in a way help us comprehend Danish Philosopher’s quote of “Life can be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards”.

The amount of time we get reflecting on our past when being with you is immense. I agree, it has to be a deliberative effort, but you provide ample opportunities to those who like to ruminate. It’s not just about being nostalgic, you also help us think futuristic. It doesn’t matter whether one acts on his/her futuristic thoughts after leaving you, but the fact is you provide us that space. All the existential angst takes a backseat when one is being with you (unless one thinks way too deep into the future and ends up invariably seeing oblivion).

Though you have had your misfortunes, being with you gives us a secure feeling. We never have to worry about any imminent untoward happenings. When more people join you, you help us realize that we all are of same breed yet we all are different in our own ways. I see something new in every place that we cross together, even if it’s just for second. One gets to see the idiosyncrasies of people who join you. Not just traveling even the places where we stop for a break are filled with unique experiences. One can relish the humanity in all these tiny moments.

You even help us come up with what we believe is a new thought. You provide us with a much needed freedom to come up with the “new” thought, which wouldn’t be possible to come by in the daily grinds of our mundane lives. If only one can expand on the thought, people could create wonders in our world (hopefully). Though you take us to places in our minds, which we might not have visited for a while until then, the beauty of you is that you wouldn’t let us stay in those places for long. You immediately help us see a new visual, which makes our mind to quickly jump from those dark places and start recording the beauty before our eyes. You help us make memories along the way.

When we leave you, we never say good bye. Because we always know that we will meet sometime in future. Even if it takes years, we know for sure that we will begin from where we left. People might think you as just some means to an end, but for me you’re an end in yourself. You enrich people’s lives. Hemingway called Paris as Moveable Feast. Borrowing from that great author, I would call you a Moveable Beast. Thank you for being part of our humanity.

Forever your admirer

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