What Will I Do?

Dissent or obey?

If I were in Nazi Germany

Blow the horn or stay silent?

If I were in an unethical company

Stand up or close my eyes?

If I were in an immoral govt agency

Help or betray my neighbor?

If I were in a totalitarian regime

Stand alone or dissolve in the crowd?

Inspired after reading this article

Movies : Official Secrets , A Hidden life

2 thoughts on “What Will I Do?

    1. I used to think the same buddy. Upon thinking I realized it won’t be an easy decision to make. When Our loved ones lives are at stake, for that matter even our lives, will I be able to stay principled ? Kaka kaka dialogue comes to mind. “Nenjin urathaiyum nesa uravugalum” . Also, Albert Camus said in his Myth of Sisyphus book that Galileo’s decision to renounce his scientific beliefs upon receiving threats to his life was right.


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