The more you read, the less you know
The more you travel, the less you understand
The more you think, the less you belong
The more you fear, the less you live

The longer you observe, the stupider you grow
The longer you hope, the greater you suffer
The longer you belong, the rustier you get
The longer you worry, the deluded you become

The less you give, the more you’re valued
The less you talk, the more you’re judged
The less you do, the more you’re praised
The less you act, the more you’re shamed

The wiser you’re, the more pretentious you seem
The dumber you’re, the more acceptable you become
The more arrogant you’re, the more heroic you look
The more grounded you’re, the less appealing you appear

PS: The last stanza has no relevance to politics or political figures. 🙂

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