Are the surveillance cameras & states the omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent god, that we were taught of in our lives?

When I listen to the word user/person, I mostly picture man? Is it gender specific? What will a transgender person think in this case?

Why do the women in Renaissance frescoes don’t look straight? Is it my imagination or is there a specific reason for this?

The concept of same day delivery used to piss me off. But now the firms are planning to deliver within hours of ordering? What fucking need one has, to get a product in no time? Have we all forgotten the concept of waiting?

Can philosophers philosophize when happy?

Why do we applaud in a movie hall? Whom are we appreciating? Isn’t it futile? Or is it a remnant from age of drama/stage plays?

When one decides to be socially responsible and refuses to buy commodities from firms, which exploit the employees, is the person punishing the firm or the employee? If everyone decides to be socially conscious, will it lead to firms treating employees in a better manner or fire them all & file bankruptcy? Or replace employees with the machines or worst case outsource to a country, where there are no oversights?

When I cook & invite someone to eat, I self-deprecate myself by saying that my cooking is not good, while the person, whom I had invited invariably says that food is good. Why is it so? What need do I have to hear this or am I too afraid to accept the truth?

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