Thank You

Thank you

To all those wonderful souls who on a daily basis help people commute,&  transport essential goods – you guys are doing an invaluable job. If you stop working one day, the life of thousands would definitely come to a standstill. Yet, your service is not appreciated enough by the people who use it.

I am one of those many people carrying out a  job, it’s significance pales in comparison to yours. And I  use your services on a daily basis, yet never have thanked you for the same. I have had complaints against you in the past, but the moment I saw you from close quarters, I realized I have no right to criticize you or have complaints against . Since then, I even wanted to thank  in person after every ride, but I never did so. So I am  penning down this note. A million Thanks to you.

I know its damn hard to drive in India. With majority not following the road rules, requesting/expecting you to stick to the rules would be far-fetched.

Yet, I would be really happy if you could just do this little help, not just for me, but even to you.

Knowingly or unknowingly you tend to honk quite frequently. Horn, as you might be already knowing, is just to draw attention of someone. But, we got so used to honking, that we have forgotten this simple thing and keep honking, just for the sake of it. Literally honking, if you don’t know, really scares the shit out of people.

I quote here just a few instances, where one could avoid honking. When the signal just turned green, when a vehicle is refusing to get started, when pedestrians are crossing the road, and when people are boarding/alighting the public transport little slowly. We do know that the time is important to you, and all others, yet a few minutes delay wouldn’t harm anyone. This restraint from honking would save people and you from noise pollution.

Constant honking drives people crazy, thereby at times making their day horrible. Sometimes, it could even lead to a domino effect. So, in one way or the other you are responsible for people screwing up theirs as well as others’ days.

This world is a nasty place, where people often forget the good someone has done and instead remember only the not so good things. I wish we could remember you for just the good service and not for this one habit of yours, which causes more harm than you could think. I am sure you could do this help. Once again Thank you on behalf of millions of aam aadmi out there.

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