Mails from mobile phones having default signatures “Sent from iOS”, “Sent from Android”

Tourists touring cities in Segway – Take a fucking walk won’t u*

Tourists talking to Go Pro to take photos

Ads portraying everyone as angel, when in reality no one is

When people say one of my friend, when it should be one of my friends.

When one says “he don’t look good”, instead of “he doesn’t look good”

People using “myself” in place of I/Me

When airline crew say, “Turn your phone to Switch off mode”  **

When people say “Final Destination”**

When people say “End Result” **

When TomTom says “Straight ahead” **

When people say “ I did nothing” – how can you “do” nothing? **

When people say, “From my Past experience” – Aren’t experiences always part of past?

When people say, “My own experience” – What does it even mean?

When people say, “My personal opinion”

When people say, “Reply/Report back”

When people say, “Yes, but / No, but” –  Yes and but, in this order, can never go together.

When people say, “One single person” -??

When people say, “My own idea” – aren’t ur ideas ur own?

Airlines displaying “Local time at origin” – ????

When airhostess say “Your personal belongings”

When one turns into a Grammar Nazi

People liking/retweeting their own photos/posts in social media

One’s expectations change constantly. When having a Lumia phone, I wanted to dismiss individual notification, but using an Iphone, I now want to clear all notifications at once. – Both my expectations remain unfulfilled

People whom you swipe left, swipe you right. People whom you swipe right not swiping you right

A cheap water bottle in Airport proclaims to save the world. You contribute thinking it is a small firm and you could make a difference by contributing 1 euro. Turns out the bottled water is from Coca Cola.

People slowing down the vehicle/holding the door for you to cross or come into an elevator. It makes you want to slap them. Hey buddy, “You are making me run/walk faster, when I want to walk at my own pace. Stop being too nice to me”

You order special meals in flight, which turns out to be poor, were as the normal meals look tasty

Non-stop crying babies in Airplanes.

People writing posts to boast themselves in a subtle but stupid way

You keep your mouth shut during a conversation for a while. The moment you open your mouth, someone says what you wanted to say or that someone keeps talking so much, that you want to keep your mouth shut again

Red tapism, in private firms, which no one seems to complain about. When every Tom, Dick & Harry complain about the same phenomenon in Government & publicly run entities

People using prefix “Pre” in unwanted places & people using the word process to explain a process.( As in writing process). **

People laughing at their own “Jokes”.

Right words not coming at the right time. When you wanted to say, one known example, you ended up saying Classic example. When the example is far from classic and only you know that example

When you are asked to sign with FB/Google account, without having option to sign with a mail id.

You want to wake up late on a Sunday morning, but a rooster starts crowing next to your house from 7 AM

Often what you think would have been a right response to an argument, only strikes you long after the argument has ended.

Biggest annoyance of all –“Hypocrites”

* I did segway once unwillingly – it wasn’t fun

** Thanks Carlin for making me notice these idiocies

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