Growing up in 90s

Straight down the ground, all the way for six – wadda player!!!.” Almost all the cricket enthusiastic kids, who have grown up in 90’s might have heard these lyrical words. These words would have lingered in their ears, longer than all the lectures these kids ever would have listened in school. Because, cricket was arguably the best thing, that they ever had in their lives at that age.  And for some of them, cricket turned out to be the first love of their life

Did they ever play cricket? – Yes, to an extent. Did they excel in cricket? – Not really. Did they have passion for cricket? YES!!!! These kids’ passion could well have been on par with passion of those who represented the country in a cricket match. Since they couldn’t represent their nation, they followed every match played so intensely that they could very well carry out a post match analysis along with the Cricketing Experts out there in the studios. 

Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting, They will go unnoticed because even the Lord is watching“. – A banner during sachin’s innings at SCG. This banner could be tweaked to summarize our young expert’s passion towards the game “Rob the houses of our young experts, when they watch a match, the robbery will go unnoticed”

Anyone, who attempts to explain Green color to a blind person or explain in words – the joy of watching a kid smile, would actually be ridiculed. So would be the person, who tries to put in words the joy, the fear, the ecstasy, the pressure, the anger and the inconsolable sorrow, felt by our experts, during a single match.  

Do experts ever get bored with discussing their subject matter? Would Christopher Hitchens, ever have got bored with debating against religious guys? The answer is obvious – NO!!. No passionate person/expert would ever get bored with having intellectual discussions. Similarly, our experts too, never got bored of discussing Brian Lara’s 150 odd runs against Australia, Sachin’s desert storm knock, and, the relatively unknown Kanitkar’s four in Finals of Bangladesh Independence Cup .

Professor Randy Pausch in his Last Lecture said, “Brick walls are there for a reason: they let us prove how badly we want things“. And the brick walls for our experts are those school days, on which a match was being played. How did they manage to overcome the brick wall? They rushed home during lunch time to get a glimpse of the match, they brought transistors (there were no smart phones then) to school to listen to commentary during breaks and some went to the extremes of bunking the classes, which was unpardonable then, to watch the match

Until now, these experts have not found any parallel in their lives, to the impatient anticipation for the 5 minutes sports news, which comes at the fag-end of a news bulletin; the joy of watching a minute or two footage of team’s victory laps around the ground; the search of sports star in school library to read, re-read, and, re-read the same article; and finally the joy of discussing cricket with their grandmothers, who know little about the game

Despite all the match fixing scandals of late 90’s, our experts never stopped following cricket. To aid their cause, Indian team saw resurgence in the new millennium. A new captain, a foreign coach, a bunch of youngsters, and the ever-reliable group of seniors, further fueled the Cricketing interests of these experts. 

And to cap an amazing journey of these experts’ school life, two gentlemen of Indian Team presented our experts with the most memorable victory for Team India. The very very special Laxman, and, the indomitable Dravid, defied the odds and won a historic match for India. These two gentlemen cricketers vindicated these experts’ faith in their team. 

These experts’ passion for the game kept on growing, were as their school life was heading towards its conclusion. They all eagerly awaited the joyous college life, and were ready for the first big change in their lives. But, did their passion for the game take a back seat in college?

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