Fallen Apple

Dear Apple, It is sad to see you fall from your high horse into the pit of surveillance hell. You took a stand on Privacy and stuck to it all these years. I, among many, used your products for one reason only : Privacy. I tried to salvage/protect whatever is left of my privacy from […]

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It was good, while it lasted

C: Hey it’s been a while since we conversedH : Yes, I have been quite appalled by the news I keep reading and wanted to be aloneC: What news could have such an impact on a nihilist/absurdist such as you?H: Have you read about the alleged rape & murder of a 9 years old Dalit […]

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Oppressed Being

I am the most oppressed human No one asked my permission to bring me in No one consulted me while naming me Yet they complain about me all the time The concept of consent doesn’t apply to me People take my photo without requesting my permission People make me do things that I don’t agree […]

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